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Dated: May 4 2022

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A clean home is a happy home, especially if you're trying to sell the property. But, it takes work to ensure your space to spic and span — or does it? Well, yes. However, you don’t have to spend hours each day to enjoy a neat and tidy space. Let this guide posted by Home Oregon Coast serve as a jumping-off point for your next deep cleaning.

Visual Appeal

Cleanliness is often an illusion brought on by ample light, great color selections, and perfect staging. Fortunately, when you have all of these three factors, you are more likely to keep your home clean in the first place.

Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture probably gets more attention than it deserves, but likely not as much TLC. As the primary focal points of your room, you want to make sure that your signature pieces are clean. According to HGTV, it’s fairly simple to clean and polish wood furniture. Upholstery is another story. Once the upholstery on your chairs, couch, or other furniture is worn out, you either need to replace the pieces or head to Google and search for upholsterers in your area. This is one area where size definitely matters, both in the appeal that your piece brings to your room and the amount of money you can expect to have it redone.


Having a clean home starts with organization. Start with a plan. You can then buy shelves or under-bed storage to hold things you don’t want in the open. Create dedicated storage in each room, and make sure everyone in your home understands that everything has a place. This can apply to things like documents, manuals, and other paperwork you have around the house. For example, if you have a lot of old tax documents, scan them into your computer and save them as PDFs on your internal or external hard drive. If you discover you’re running low on space, find a free tool that will let you compress a PDF online. This will effectively decrease the size of the file and allow you to keep everything on one hard drive or in one directory.

Minimalist Effects

Staying organized is only half the battle. To keep your home clean all the time, you quite simply need fewer things. Adopt a minimalist mindset. This means you only keep what you need, and you avoid impulse purchases. Think about your closet as an example. Minimalist influencer and advocate Dan Silvestre points out that you’ll need to keep clothing that fits your daily needs, is easy to clean, and has a color palette you can live with. In addition to having a cleaner house, living with fewer things can actually make you happier.

Daily Doings

No matter how much preparation you put into your home, it’s going to get dirty. After all, you have to cook in the kitchen and, if you have kids, they will undoubtedly track in mulch from the playground. Give yourself 15 minutes each day devoted exclusively to cleaning. At a minimum, you’ll want to wipe down the counters, sweep the floors (and, yes, there is a right way to sweep), do the laundry and dishes, and make the beds. You’ll also want to prioritize other tasks, such as wiping baseboards, vacuuming, and cleaning the toilet, although these don’t have to be done each day.

Ultimately, keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be a matter of spending hours on your hands and knees each day. But, it does take preparation. From having your home staged right from the beginning to doing a 15-minute quick clean every day, the tips presented above can help you live your best life in a clean, healthy, and happy home.

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